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Jayant Mitra

Damayanti Ambavale

Jayant Mitra

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Vikrant Desai, AGM, BCCL

“TRFL delivered a first-of-its-kind attendance system in India in 2008. Throughout the project, we received excellent support from them and the system has been working with almost no maintenance for over six years.”

Jayant Mitra, Former VP, Glodyne

“TRFL was very responsive and accommodating. Multiple changes as per requirement were done at a very rapid pace. They made sure that the devices were installed and integrated personally and were always available and supportive for every technical need that came forth.

Anant Wankhede, Manufacturing Head, L&T

“Machine job monitoring is a herculean task. After extensive evaluation, TRFL was chosen to provide the solution. After a lot of brainstorming a custom solution for metallic environment was designed and was integrated with Rockwell Automation. It has been implemented across all L&T tool rooms in India and is successfully operational.

Damayanti Ambavale, Team Leader, Efkon

“Timely deliveries and transparent transactions. Devices are delivered within two days of order. Devices are in use since 2007 with minimal maintenance. Value for money product.”

Jayant Mitra, Director, Commex Technologies

“TRFL's product was user-friendly and well integrated. The backend inventory management system was well-designed to suit the needs of high value item like gold.”

Anurag Gupta, CEO, ALW

“Everyone at TRFL was supportive, constantly available and took personal effort to make sure that the required result was obtained. Every hurdle called for immediate action and the technical team supported in every way possible. The devices were delivered well within time and were implemented with very good results.

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