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Deep domain

Deep domain knowledge

TrackRF is a foremost player in RFID in India. We have been in the domain for over 10 years and have delivered solutions that unique (handheld biometric attendance), challenging (RFID in metallic environment) and at scale (attendance for 100,000+ employees).

We have developed in-house expertise and are one of the few original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in RFID.

We have also been invited to consult on this subject by bodies like RTO, IIT Kharagpur, etc.

Proprietary Embedded Platform

Being an OEM with a strong R&D focus, we have built a proprietary Linux based platform. We have created device APIs which allow us to develop more reliable applications faster and at lower cost.

Also, since it is our proprietary platform, we fully support and don't rely on any third party.

embedded platform

Strong Team

Our team is our core strength. We have built a full-fledged development team with expertise in embedded programming, C, Linux and Java technologies. Besides our full-time team, we also have consultants with average 10+ years of domain experience who are available to address any issue.

Even if a customer has any custom requirement, we are capable of delivering it within time and budget


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