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UHF Toll Reader

Efkon (Toll Reader)



Efkon offers cutting-edge solution for transportation market, including toll collection systems and services. Efkon’s Toll Management System provides a powerful lane engine with its associated sub-systems that facilitate a fraud-free transaction management allowing for a steady, accurate, and traceable financial flow. Efkon needed hardware support for NFC-based toll collection.



  • Needed superfast operation for smooth traffic flow

  • Toll readers needed to operate in diverse weater conditions across India

  • Integration with existing toll management software



  • TRFL provided card personalizers so customer information and recharge amount could be written on RFID smart cards

  • TRFL provided IP-65 certified out-readers for quick card reading and balance deduction

  • We also wrote custom APIs to interface our device with their toll management software



  • IP-65 certified devices make solution weather-proof

  • Devices were interfaced easily with existing toll management software requiring minimal changes

  • Devices are working with minimal maintenance since 2007



Toll readers - 2000+

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